Face the thing that bit you

Today in my religious class my teacher started talking about the story in the bible of Moses and his people who were bit by poisonous serpents. For these people to be healed and survive all they had to do was look at the serpent that was on the staff of Moses. Many people did not look because they thought it was too simple and they died. My teacher asked us why he thought God had the people look at a serpent when it could have been anything. A few people answered and then he said that about 30 years ago a girl in his class taught him a profound lesson. He asked that question and she raised her hand and said “I think he had them look at a serpent because he wants us to face what bit us.” I found that very profound also. I’ve watched many people in my life ignore the thing that bit them and they create a life of sorrow, insecurity, and confusion. All of us have problems and all of us have things that we do that are not right. Things that are hurtful to others and deep down we know it’s hurtful. Rather than ignoring the serpents of our lives why don’t we face them with courage so we can be happy.



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