People do not like people who are good. They do not like people who are well liked. They do not like people who are kind and genuine. Confidence and kindness is threatening to people who act or treat people any differently. I often find myself baffled at the hate that comes from human beings and the cruel treatment they are willing to give. I can’t try to understand someone who is willing to be mean or put another person down. It is extremely confusing to watch someone purposely hurt a person who is kind and has genuine intentions. Or to listen to gossip that circles around someone who is nothing but good to others. Why do people make it their goal to hurt others. It is very strange to me. I think some of the meanest people we encounter are very mean to themselves. Yet I still can’t come to understand that either because there are plenty of people who are not the kindest to themselves and do not have the greatest self confidence and they genuinely are kind and polite to others. Maybe some deal with that self hatred by being kind so that they can feel loved and others deal with it by being mean so that they aren’t the only ones that feel that crappy. I prefer kindness. I prefer people with genuine intentions and soft hearts. I prefer people who know they have weaknesses and issues and try to work on them instead of blame everyone else. People who blame all of their problems on everyone else never change and somehow justify treating others poorly. It’s wrong. It has never done anyone any good. Don’t be like that. Be better and stronger than that.

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