She Is Gone But She Used To Be Mine


Lots of changes happened this past year. I am a completely different person than I was a year ago and it is all for the better. I am stronger and I love myself more. I don’t seek approval and validation from others because I give that to myself. I’m doing well in school and I feel excited about life. I feel excited to meet my goals and to connect to others. I’m excited to make new friends and learn new lessons but still there is the old part of me that doesn’t think anything good will happen and if it does it won’t last long. This is the part of me that makes me stay up all night thinking or stress so much that my back muscles turn into knots. This is the part of me that encourages my anxiety and into thoughts that will drag me into sadness. The thing is I don’t want to feed that part of me anymore and so I fight her. The old me really can just leave me alone because she doesn’t know who I am now. She doesn’t understand what I have overcome and what my full potential is. As you fight negative thoughts about yourself you will one day reach a point where that thought process is the old you. It’s not easy and it’s a daily battle but it is worth it. You will be happy to be freed from that part of yourself and you will excel in everything you’ve ever wanted to excel in. It’s all your choice.

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