Swirling Thoughts

I find my self thinking a lot, thinking a lot

Like a clock that rhythmically ticks

Tick tock, tick tock

Memories and emotions spinning round and round

Waves of sadness and sometimes anger

But it’s just because I’m thinking a lot, thinking a lot

Random thoughts pop inside my head sometimes and I’ll laugh out loud, surprising the

people around me who cannot read my mind

Happy things visit some days too and I smile because of them

Dreams spin in my mind and motivate me to work harder

Darkness coats my thoughts other days and I feel like a stormy day or some kind of bad


What we don’t realize is that everyone experiences the ups and downs of life

In their mind there is darkness and light too

Whether or not you share what’s inside of you doesn’t mean that the previously stated

observation isn’t true

For the ones who share and care and lift are angels of this life

But anyways I’m just thinking a lot again, thinking a lotswirling-thoughts

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