To Love

There is no pain in love. Have you ever heard of a child being in pain or sorrow because their mother picked them up, held them in sweet affection, and loved them. Have you ever heard of a brother or sister suffering because their sibling showed their love by rooting for them and celebrated with them when they made their goal? Have you ever seen a grandmother pick up her new born grand child and hold them with such tender care?  Have you seen that pure and deep flowing love? There is no pain in love. There is pain from life. Pain from disappointment. Pain from the mistakes of others. Pain from regret and guilt. There are deep wounds from trauma and abuse. Tears from heart break and unexpected events but there is no pain in love. You see love is a very powerful thing but it should not cause you or someone else pain or sorrow. Perhaps your love for someone would cause you to suffer with them but not to suffer for them or because of them. You see once you suffer for someone it’s no longer out of love it’s out of a desperate act to save them. Yet, none of us can save the people we love , all we can do is love them. So if your love is causing you or someone else pain please revaluate what is happening because it isn’t love, it’s survival, desperation, or maybe even dysfunction. We cannot sacrifice ourselves for the people we love, someone already did that for each and every single person who has lived on this earth, presently living, and not yet born.


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