Broken Minds

              Have you ever broken a bone or had some kind of serious injury and just continued about your day? Did you act like it would just go away and that the pain wasn’t that big of a deal? Did you try to ignore it and continue living like nothing was wrong? Yeah, me neither. Doesn’t that sound completely ridiculous? To break your arm and not go to the hospital! Well it’s the same thing with mental health. A lot of us know what it feels like to have a broken mind. A lot of us have experienced anxiety, depression, and many other issues that break our minds and hearts.We all have emotional wounds and trauma that cause us pain daily. The definition of trauma is experiences that have caused us psychological injury or pain. Do we not all have at least one experience that has caused us psychological injury or pain? How can we say that we haven’t? How can we say that it’s weird or we are a little crazy to acknowledge and take care of the damage left behind because of those experiences? For some this pain is like a sprained ankle and for others it’s like a broken femur.


             How do we think we can ignore these wounds and continue on happily in our lives? Do you know the damage you would cause your body if you just chilled while your broken leg tried to heal itself? Would you die? No. The way you would walk and the pain you would feel each day would be different forever. So why in the world do we think we can just deal with our trauma and emotional wounds by just continuing on with our lives. Just move forward  and act like nothing is wrong. Will we die? No. Will our decisions and actions be affected negatively by the wounds we never tended to? Yes. On top of that, our ability to be happy and to experience daily joy will be decreased. There is healing and personal growth in therapy and healthy coping mechanisms. I would start by learning a little about a type of therapy called EMDR. Read my previous post “Broken Heart” if you want a simple explanation of it. I would also suggest looking at boundaries and positive affirmations . Even researching healthy coping mechanisms into google is a start to understanding and eventually healing. You are worth it and you deserve to feel the healing of your mind and heart!

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