Good Times

There are times in life where things are really hard. I mean really hard. Like everything seems to be falling apart or one bad thing happens after another. These times can be discouraging and filled with sorrow. I think we all know how it feels to be kicked by life when we are already down. I find it more bearable during these less fun times if I soak in the times where everything doesn’t seem as bad as it is. Like when everything is awful but a friend randomly checks in on you and it makes you smile. Or when you get to stand on the beach and listen to the waves even though you live in Arizona. Or when you just laugh your head off for at least an hour with an old friend or close family member. Or when you watch the people you’re with walk ahead of you at some ice cream shop you left or wherever and you are so happy to be there and so happy they are a part of your life. During tough times hold onto these moments. Soak them in and don’t forget the wonderful times among one of the most difficult times. You will always make it through these rough times with grace, true learning, and a smile if you take the time to do this.


One thought on “Good Times

  1. Amen! There must be adversity, so it’s the hope that good, or joy, or fulfillment is to come that keeps my head above water. Merry Christmas sis, I love your guts!! We will have to compare schedules next semester- you are one of my good times to look forward to!!!

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