God and Mental Health

Mental health is a topic that is more acceptable to talk about today and yet there are still so many people who do not understand how important it is. We live in a society that puts politeness before safety or self-respect. A society where boundaries are made fun of or rejected. A society where love is sought for in all the wrong places and given in all the wrong ways. Because of this all of us will experience anxious feelings or depression or some kind of mental health issue at least once in our lives. For some, it comes in waves or depends on the circumstance while for others it is a battle fought every day until their life comes to an end. We can get therapy. We can reach out to others. We can choose good things for our minds and our hearts when we are suffering. Those are all things that we should do and be open to. But I would like to add more to all of those wonderful things. Without God, overcoming these emotional and mental ailments is impossible. I’m not saying it’s harder to overcome or that it takes longer to overcome without God. I’m saying it’s impossible.

God is the source of all love. Whether our wounds cause us a sorrow that chains us to our bed in the morning or that our low self worth fills us with anxiety love will heal them. Love touches each cut like a mother holding her sobbing child. It sews up the deep gashes in our hearts and soothes the unbearable pain in our minds. God is the ultimate healer. The master of our hearts. The creator of our beings. God’s love helps us overcome all mental illness because it is pure and unchanging. There’s not much in this world that is pure and unchanging but I know his love is.

I encourage you to find out who God is to you. What you believe about this being and why you believe it. I encourage you to seek his love and healing power through prayer. To pray to God is to trust that he will answer and help you. I know that as you seek healing and positive change that God will bless your efforts. He knows what you’re going through and that you want to have a happy life. He will lead you to the right people and to the right places as you seek this happiness. With everything that you’re already doing and changing to overcome mental health issues, the love of God can add more than you expected. You can start by reading a book called “The promise of a Sound Mind: God’s Plan For Emotional and Mental Health.” It’s by Eddie Snipes and I love the way that he uses the bible to explain how we can have a sound mind today. He doesn’t specifically address one mental or emotional issue but I think that his advice and explanations will help anyone who struggles with these things. I think it’s uplifting and that there are real things you can do to find healing and be happier. You’re worth it 🙂

One thought on “God and Mental Health

  1. What an awesome article, It gave me goose bumps! I felt the spirit of the truth in your words. My favorite saying is “Love Conquers All” I believe that! Love is a powerful force! Love God, love yourself, then let the long tinticles of that force reach out into your families and the world!! Can you imagine what the world would look like!! ❤️👍


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